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For the confused, MK-ULTRA 1 was originally a project created in the 1950’s to try and regulate brain activity, as far as learning different techniques on how to hold the upper hand on controlling another’s mind. MK stands for mind control (the k however is taken from the German language, Kontrolle.)

Forms of brain washing have been used in various projects throughout history. Brainwashing projects that were given millions of dollars to further explore, and others that are as simple as the advertisements put in the path of your daily lives.

Unfortunately for you, the easy manipulated and altered, you soak up the mundane, uninteresting, and blatantly boring things you’re exposed to, without question; In return, leaving no room for growth or inspiration of your own.

The materials on this blog may confuse you and make you think we are downright weird. Understandably, most people are not interested in looking at things that they are not used to and immediately shut it out without positive acknowledgement. If you are this kind of person, with no intentions of thinking outside the box, in the most polite way possible, fuck off.

In 1917, Marcel Duchamp took a used urinal, flipped it upside down, and signed it R. Mutt, calling it the fountain. Incredibly controversial, which would also make it ridiculously awesome. This obviously pissed people off. Whether he made this himself or not, he took an ordinary everyday thing, and changed it so that its normal function disappeared, with its new positioning and name; Helping people create a new thought process. Whether it was looked at as art or not, it brought force attention that sparked conversation and stirred up emotions. Opening the door to pushing the boundaries and experimenting with art's relationship with shock value.

The purpose of this, ideally, is to show the world how to think outside the box. To develop a mind control so powerful, it’s not control at all . . . Look at this site and have the courage to be inspired and think for yourself. To dwell on this material, be able to create more, and to think about it even after you hit that tiny “X” on your computer, continuing your routines. It is said that a picture alone has the possibility to hold a thousand words. We are hoping that the pictures we share hold more than just a thousand, as well as inspiration. Maybe if you’re lucky, you will have gained a better topic of conversation, rather than status acquiring scenarios, parties, and surface value attributes.

We are aware that there’s an accumulation of things on our page. Some may be in your taste and intrigue you, while other may shock, concern, or appall you; To each its own. If you find something that you don’t like, or feel threaten by, we will take it off.

Good Day.

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